NEW SureBridge Learning Management Tool

SureBridge is excited to announce the launch of a new learning management platform to host SureBridge University! They have partnered with Continu, an industry leader in e-learning delivery. Through this partnership, they hope to deliver training to you in a faster and more efficient way.

Watch the video below to help navigate the new SureBridge University platform. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Sales@SureBridgeInsurance.com.


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Here are a few key points from the video:

  • Required annual training will be located on the Dashboard tab within SureBridge University. It will be listed prominently as an ‘Assignment.’
  • Upon signing into the Broker Portal for the first time, new agents will automatically be taken to SureBridge University to complete required annual training.
  • If training is due when existing agents attempt to sign into the Broker Portal, they will continue to receive pop-up notifications.
  • For access to comprehensive self-study courses on products and tools, all agents should visit the ‘Learning Library’ located on the ‘Explore’ tab.

Questions? Call us at 855-888-8326.

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