New Service for Cigna-HealthSpring Dental Customers

Cigna-HealthSpring – DentaQuest

Some Cigna-HealthSpring customers in select markets have had a problem finding a dentist in the DentaQuest network. This is primarily in areas where DentaQuest supplements their contract network with a rental network.

What Cigna-HealthSpring Is Doing About It: DentaQuest Member Concierge

DentaQuest is now offering Cigna-HealthSpring customers a Member Concierge service to help them find a network dentist and make an appointment. Customers can request assistance either via the DentaQuest Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or through a live agent in DentaQuest’s Member Services.

When a Cigna-HealthSpring customer calls DentaQuest Member Services and requests a provider, the representative will offer to help the customer schedule the appointment. The DentaQuest representative will reach out to providers on behalf of the customer and confirm an appointment time.

How You Can Help Your Customers

If a customer calls you about finding a dentist, you can warm transfer them to a DentaQuest representative who will assist the customer in finding a dentist and making the appointment.

Below are the DentaQuest member service phone numbers for each market. It is important to use the 800 numbers provided for each market.

More Steps Taken

In addition to the Member Concierge, Cigna-HealthSpring is working with DentaQuest to further enhance the marketability of the network. These steps include:

  • Re-evaluating the network and removing dentists if needed.
  • Reducing the use of a rental network by expanding the contract network.

·     Enhancing ongoing provider education, which includes collateral branding and joint outreach with sales staff.

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