Exciting News from Royal Arcanum!

Royal Arcanum will be rolling out the new 2017 CSO Tables effective Policies issued May 1st:

  • Graded Benefit Product
  • Death Benefit Schedule Changing- this policy now pays a full death benefit in year 3, instead of the reduced benefit. In year 2 the product pays 25% death benefit.

Important dates to note:

  • Policies issued under the current 2001 CSO Table
  • Applications need to be received by April 10th and issued by April 16th
  • Initial Premium Payments need to be received by April 15th
  • If any of the above dates aren’t met the policy will be issued under the new 2017 CSO Table.

****Applies to all states with the exception of “California”. We will send a separate announcement once the 2017 CSO tables have been approved for CA.****

Questions? Call our Sales Directors at (855)-888-8326.

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