Meet customers where they want to be met during AEP – online

Who we are, what we do.

Choosing an FMO to work with is not just about having access to top insurance products and commissions, it’s about finding a one-on-one agent service that is prepared to meet your needs.  Get to know us, and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.

Digital Marketing Materials make virtual appointments simple.

You get everything you need to conduct a compliant sales presentation, access to personalized materials, and credit for qualifying sales.

Humana is working hard to make your experience using these digital tools as easy as possible during upcoming AEP. Watch the demo video below for an overview of the tool, then then continue reading to learn about the exciting enhancements  for 2021 plans*

DSNP and CSNP materials now available in Digital Marketing Materials

Use Digital Marketing Materials during and after a fully compliant sales appointment for DSNPs and CSNPs starting 10/1/2020. DSNP allows self-enrollment in the D2C flow. CSNP will have a prompt for prospects to contact their agent once ready to enroll

Digital Marketing Materials are now available in Spanish

You can now send Digital Marketing Materials in Spanish. After you enter your customer’s information, just select “Spanish” under the language option. And those materials will automatically be delivered in Spanish.

DMM now supports CarePlus products, in English and Spanish

If you are eligible to sell CarePlus products, you will now have the ability to email sales materials for up to three CarePlus plans in connection with each sales presentation. The prospect can enroll directly through the materials and you, the agent, will get credit for qualifying sales.

Increased Enrollment Numbers with the Help of a Reminder Email Strategy

A new 3-touch email reminder strategy will target prospects that have received Digital Marketing Materials but have not enrolled after a certain length of time.

  1. On 10/15/2020 an “Enrollment Open” email will be sent for any Digital Marketing Materials sent between 10/1/2020-10/14/2020.
  2. Four days after the original DMM email, a reminder message will be sent to consumers who received a post-appointment email, and have not enrolled.
  3. Two weeks before AEP ends, a final reminder message will be sent to consumers that received a post-appointment email, and have not enrolled.

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