12 Compelling Reasons

  • Plan G Rates

    Lowest Plan G rates in most zip codes

  • Plan N and Plan F

    Plan N and High Deductible Plan F available to meet consumer needs

  • 12% HHD

    Generous 12% household discount in most states for qualified applicants

  • Stable Rates

    Stable rates with a 12-month rate guarantee

  • Vision and Hearing Discounts

    EyeMed vision and Amplifon hearing health discounts

  • Hospital Choice Savings

    Hospital Choice Savings program is available in most states

  • No Policy Fee

  • Competitive Compensation

    Competitive compensation with a bonus for underwritten business

  • No Interest on Advancing

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing program is available in 35 states

  • Marketing Credits

    Earn and redeem marketing credits that are as good as cash

  • Fabulous Incentive Trip

    Opportunity to earn a fabulous incentive trip to Ireland

Reasons to Sell Mutual of Omaha
Reasons to Sell Mutual of Omaha

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