Legal & General Simplified and Improved Accelerated UW Eligibility

Lab Lift Exam Substitution Program starts Feb. 12th for digital applications

A simple online application with built-in accelerated underwriting, plus a new path for exam substitutions means less hassle, fewer labs — and more families protected.


Step 1
Accelerated underwriting within the digital application is evaluated first.

We’ll check to see if the applicant can be approved exam and lab-free up front. This happens in real-time during the application process and eligibility is determined by age, sex, face amount, and health factors for each applicant.


NEW! Simplified and improved accelerated UW eligibility:

Males + Females, ages 20-50
Up to $1 million, any term duration
Healthy females up to age 55 may qualify for up to $250k

Typically, applicants tracking Standard Plus or better can qualify
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Step 2
If not qualified for exam-free, we look at eligibility for the Lab Lift program.

Based on date of last blood work and physician information collected within the digital application process, we’ll determine if an attending physician statement (APS) can be used as a substitute for a paramedical exam and fluids — by pulling medical data and lab results from recent physician visits. All rate classes, including Sub-standard, are eligible for the program.

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