Starting at 10:15 PM CT, Friday, January 11th  and accessible by 6:00 AM CT, Saturday, January 12th


As part of our ongoing effort to improve LEAN, an outage for LEAN Office, Fields Sales, Telesales, and Internal Support has been scheduled from January 11th – 12th, 2018 to deploy the enhancements and problem ticket fixes below:

  • The LEAN User Guide will be added to the Field Sales home page
  • The logic that determines if a consumer has a chronic condition in LEAN Office and Field Sales will be enhanced in order for enrollment to accurately auto adjudicate chronic applications
  • Field Sales agents will now have the option to receive an enrollment receipt in even if the consumer does not elect to receive one
  • The SEP Reason Code Date logic will be improved to prevent reporting issues downstream
  • The enrollment handbook link in Field Sales will be updated to the most recent version

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