It’s Never too Early to Prepare! Live UA Training

Time Flies and the Annual Election Period (AEP) Will Be Here Before You Know it!

Summer can be a busy time, but things will only get busier in October. Attend an upcoming training seminar to get ahead of the rush and sail into the AEP with confidence!

What will be covered:

  • The inside scoop on 2020!
  • A brief history of Medicare and a review of parts A, B, C & D
  • Understanding the Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans
  • How to make a professional Med Sup presentation and recommendation
  • Highlight the differences in Original Medicare + a Supplement vs MA
  • How to use Part D coaching to free up money and establish credibility.
  • Review: AEP, MA Open Enrollment Period, Medigap Open Enrollment, Initial Enrollment Period and Trial rights
  • Navigating the UA website
  • Why UA is the obvious carrier of choice for your Med Sup business
  • Completing an e-app and a paper app
  • How to sign someone up for Part B if they delayed enrollment due to employer coverage pivoting and a review of our ancillary products

Registration is simple: start here by clicking either Yes, RSVP or No, unable to attend. Agents will be able to select the preferred location to attend during the registration process.

To view the complete venue and address information for these events, use this link.

At all events, other Agents are allowed as guests!

To register for any of the above locations, click here.

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