Introducing! 2017 Producer’s First Look

Introducing 2017 Producer’s First Look!
Attention WellCare Producers,

We are very excited to announce the release of our new, 2017 Producer’s First Look!

What is a Producer’s First Look?

A Producer’s First Look provides a current overview of WellCare, benefits of being a producer with us, and detailed/specific 2017 county/plan information. Each CCP state in our platform has its own deck for you to download and utilize.

We hope that this information increases your interest in continuing to work with WellCare and further prepares you for 2017 AEP!

In addition, we invite hierarchy levels to utilize these decks as a recruiting tool for licensed producers who are not contracted with WellCare and are joining your down-line.
Important! All attachments are Producer use only. Confidential and proprietary. Not to be distributed or shared with Medicare beneficiaries.

AEP will be here before we know it! We are getting eager for a great season!

Contact us for more information!


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