Humana Virtual Telephonic Sales Guidance

Delivering a telephonic and virtual sales presentation, while keeping the human touch. Humana’s got you covered.
As we continue to adapt to an ever-changing environment, Humana is here to help agents, members, and the communities they serve to adapt as well.
Good News! Agents may now begin to host individual virtual sales presentations using digital tools such as Webex. Utilize Humana’s Digital Marketing Materials tool to provide the materials needed to conduct a virtual sales presentation and share screens to walk your client through the contents. The sales presentation video as well as all required materials at the point of sale are included.
To get started, download the Telephonic / Virtual Enrollments Job Aid. The training team is also hosting many webinars to help you be successful. Check out the events calendar on Humana MarketPoint University to sign up for one of many options.
Now that you’ve scheduled your training and downloaded the job aid, you’re almost ready to hit the ground running, but first, we’ve identified five important steps to executing a compliant individual telephonic or virtual presentation:
  1. Ensure you have express written permission to contact your prospects and you complete a scope of appointment
  2. Send the required sales materials to your client prior to all telephonic meetings
  3. Rehearse before your appointment
  4. Conduct a full and compliant sales presentation
  5. Use the approved enrollment methods

To learn more about how to complete a compliant individual telephonic or virtual sales presentation please review the CPL-AP-026 policy.

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October 15, 2020