Humana 2020 Certification and Recertification Details Announced

Humana Certification & Recertification Course Details for Plan Year 2020!

It’s already that time of year to start preparing for AEP 2020!. We are excited to announce that Humana will be launching certification and recertification courses earlier than ever before! Both courses will launch at noon Eastern Time on June 25, 2019.

Humana has listened to your feedback and has made some changes to help improve your experience this year.

Top 4 Improvements:

1. This will be the earliest cert and recert launch date in Humana MarketPoint history!

2. Certification Course outlines will be reduced by almost half while maintaining training quality and making it more efficient for you to complete your certification.

3. Both the certification and recertification final exams are open book, and for PY20 we are making it easier than ever to find the information you need to pass the test.

4. The time to complete the final exam (both cert and recert) will be extended from 35 minutes to 45 minutes

Certification & Recertification Launch Dates
All PY20 Certification and Recertification courses will launch Tuesday June 25, 2019 at noon EST.*
External agents will have until 5:00 PM Eastern time on November 30, 2019 to complete Recertification.

*NOTE: Does not include Spanish translation. Spanish versions will be available on a delayed basis. Look for additional communications on Spanish versions.

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