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Many consumers underestimate their need for disability insurance (DI). They have policies that pay for disability arising from accidents, but not illnesses. However, as people age, they’re more likely to need disability coverage for an illness than an injury.

AHIP’s online DI courses provide the information you need to help your clients make better decisions about their health insurance needs at any life stage. Start with Disability, Part I (Primer) to gain a well-rounded understanding of disability income insurance and how it fits into retirement, estate, and long-term planning.

Then build from there! Take two more courses to earn your Disability Income Associate (DIA) designation:

With that foundation in place, take the next step in better-serving your clients: earn your Disability Income Fellow (DIF). This professional development enhancement is AHIP’s most advanced DI designation. To turn your DIA into a DIF, simply choose two electives.

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Created for busy working professionals, AHIP’s 40+ courses and webinars, designations, and other professional resources are designed to fit your learning style and career goals. That’s the AHIP Advantage! Take your career to the next level today.

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