Urgent! SOA Process Requirement

Urgent! SOA Process Requirement




November 3, 2016

SOA Process Requirement


Attention WellCare Producers:

It has been brought to our attention that paper applications are being submitted without a Scope of Appointment (SOA). Producers have the option to document scope through the Appointment Verification Line (AVL) or a paper SOA. The below process must be followed for both options:

1. Obtain a compliant Consent to Contact.

2. Obtain a compliant SOA NOTE: When possible, SOA should be captured prior to hosting a face-to-face appointment.

3. Host a compliant 1:1 appointment.

4. If the beneficiary is prepared to enroll, determine if the application method will be paper or electronic.

Paper application: if an Appointment ID was not obtained by calling the AVL, a paper SOA form MUST be faxed with the paper application.
Electronic application: a call to the AVL is still required.

If an enrollment is not completed at the time a paper SOA is obtained, the producer is responsible for storing that document compliantly. Please reference the 2017 SOA form:

WellCare SOA
‘Ohana SOA

Note: Any CMS approved SOA will be accepted. 2017 WellCare SOA forms must be used.

**Paper SOA forms are available under the Marketing Tools tab on our Secured Producer Portal.



Your WellCare Sales Support Team