Enough struggling with spotty Internet connections and hotspots. Once installed, the ETHELRx™ is stored right on your computer, updated nightly at your Wi-Fi connection with no Internet needed at the client’s location during your presentation.

Whether you are at a client’s home, in a Department Store, or in a remote setting, everything you need is at your fingertips. ETHELRx™ 100% offline – no Internet needed in the field

It’s simple, and it’s easy

Technology can be complex and cumbersome, but ETHELRx™ is a simple, intuitive, easy to use program. Designed to be easy to learn, user friendly, and with a support staff dedicated to your satisfaction – finding the best Insurance plan for your client has never been this easy.

No more guessing, no more taking hours to flip through plan formularies to determine a plan’s co-pays, premiums, and deductibles – or whether a client’s drugs are covered. ETHELRx™ provides everything you’ll need at the push of a few buttons.

Cut Down Sales Time

With concise monthly and annual cost breakdowns for each plan while factoring in premiums and deductibles, all plans are sorted from lowest to highest cost or any column you choose.

This gives you and your client a clear picture of their options and makes choosing a plan easy. Don’t be left behind by other agents who see into the future, cut down your sales time and save money.

The future is now, and with the high-tech ETHELRx™ you can impress your clients and make your sale in significantly less time.

Establish Credibility with Your Client

Enter the client’s prescriptions and ETHELRx™ will immediately calculate the costs for every plan you offer. By displaying all the plans available on one screen, you have the ability to show and compare all premiums, deductibles, co-pays and all the information for each plan that you can sell.

With simple screens to easily compare plans, the ETHELRx™ system gives you credibility with your client. Eliminate confusion in the clients’ mind and invoke confidence in their selection of you as their agent.

Gain the upper hand on your competitors and provide quality service to your clients that brings them back year after year. Do not lose one client to your competitors, stay up with technology and let us do the hard work for you.

Benefits of Use

  • Reduces enrollment time and significantly increases closing ratio
  • Calculate plans without being connected to the internet
  • Select Insurance Carriers of your choice to show only plans you sell to clients
  • Store client profiles and update medications the following year based on any changes
  • Establishes credibility and invokes confidence in the client
  • Eliminates confusion – easily compares plans with simple screens
  • Creates PDF of plan data and costs to provide client with immediate documentation
  • View monthly and annual cost breakdown for each plan including premiums and deductibles
  • View drugs in plan and drugs NOT in plan
  • View Gap-in and Gap-out or “Donut hole”