Focus News UnitedHealthcare 04-13-16

Materials You Need to Sell Effectively
Be sure to check out the Agent Toolkit for exciting updates including an improved advance search option helping you find exactly what you need and the Informal Marketing/Sales Events materials to support your advertising initiatives. As a reminder, Lead Card Collection Station pre-order ends April 15. Full Article


Easy Rules to Help Keep Your Agent-Created Website Stay Compliant
The internet is a great way to stay connected with your clients and it may help you find new clients. If you have not already taken the steps to ensure your website is compliant or if you need a reminder, check out some of the items you should consider.Full Article
EFT – A Simple Way to Pay
It’s an age-old question – what method of payment should a member use? There are a number of options, but UnitedHealthcare’s preferred method is EFT. Find out why. Full Article
Telling Our Value-Based Care Story
UnitedHealthcare has created a new section of its external site dedicated to telling its story about value-based care, physician relationships and its patient-centered approach to care management.Full Article
Informal Marketing/Sales Events with an Introductory Presentation
Events are a great way to connect with consumers. As agents, you may conduct informal marketing/sales events that begin with an introductory presentation that contains educational content. Learn about the guidelines to ensure these types of events are compliant. Full Article
The Evolution of the Enrollment Checklist
The Enrollment Checklist has evolved over the years from a simple check-the-box form to an interactive engagement tool. Full Article
LEAN Offline is Coming Soon!
It’s almost here! The LEAN mobile app will soon upgrade with the ability to take all of your Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug (PDP) enrollments electronically even while you are offline.Full Article
ACES Program Deadline is Approaching
The Agent Community Engagement & Service (ACES) program deadline is fast approaching. Be sure to submit your volunteer hours by May 31. Full Article

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