FMO and Carrier Codes of Conduct

Care Value Agent Handbook

The Care Value Agent Handbook seeks to provide Care Value agents with information on the regulations and best practices for the marketing and selling of Medicare Advantage products. The handbook must be followed in conjunction with carrier-specific policies and procedures.

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Care Value Code of Business Conduct

Our goal has never been solely to comply with the laws, but also to follow the highest principles of integrity and honesty. The Care Value Code of Business Conduct puts our core values into practical terms that provide ethical and compliance guidelines and expectations to help guide our day-to-day business activities.

Care Value strives to conduct business with individuals or entities that share our view toward compliance and ethics. Therefore, we expect our agents to respect and subscribe to the Care Value Code of Business Conduct when conducting business with or on behalf of our company.

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Carrier Codes of Conduct

All Care Value agents are responsible for following the Care Value Agent Handbook, the Care Value Code of Conduct, the applicable carrier’s code of conduct, as well as carrier-specific policies and procedures. For your convenience, we have put links to the codes of conduct for the insurance carriers we represent here in one place.

To view a specific carrier’s code of conduct, please click on the appropriate link below.