Exclusive CareValue E&O Insurance

CareValue E&O Insurance

CareValue is happy to announce an exclusive Errors and Omissions Insurance Plan for CareValue agents! These plans are designed to meet the professional liability needs of both independent agents as well as CareValue agencies, the E&O program features competitive rates and comprehensive coverage options. The policy is a duty to defend contract underwritten by CNA Insurance Company, rated A (Excellent) XV by A.M. Best.

“As the Medicare industry continues to evolve and grow, there is no question that proactively managing a firm’s risk exposure is key. E&O insurance has become a critical tool for every firm’s compliance and regulatory practice management. We felt that offering our agents an integrated E&O solution was an important value-added benefit,” said Sarah Ficarro, compliance officer and general counsel at CareValue. “We are excited to partner with 360 Coverage Pros to provide our agents access to a well-versed E&O insurance expert. We are looking forward to not only launching this E&O program but also adding additional agent resources in the coming months.”

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