EPIC Hearing- Not Available on HMO MA Plans

EPIC Member Perks

The EPIC Advantage:

2019 EPIC Hearing Plan members have access to the largest hearing care provider network in the country and substantial savings on top-tier manufacturer brand devices and related professional services through the EPIC Hearing Service Plan.


Plans with numbers: H3379-039,040, 041 DO NOT have EPIC hearing aids package.
They do still include HiHealth Innovations.

Only R5342-001.002,005,006 have EPIC eligible for hearing aids package.
They do still include HiHealth Innovations.

EPIC Hearing Vendor- New for 2019- Included on all PPO plans. NOT THE AARP HMO

The UHC HMO and PPO plan all still include HiHealth Innovations Hearing Aid Benefit.

For 2019, we have added another hearing aid vendor called EPIC that is available on plans 1, 3 and 4 only. This expands the network of partners that will assist members with hearing aids, fittings etc.

CLICK HERE for full benefit description.

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