Empire BCBS AEP Helpful Broker Info and Links!

Please see below the different tools and useful links provided by Empire BCBS as we move through this busy AEP season together!

Recorded Webinars: 

Tim Glover in VA created a couple of easy to watch, short and fun webinars to help you understand the eSOA and mProducer online application process. You’ll enjoy Tim’s humor as he walks you through how to easily enroll someone.

Electronic SOA – Password Uc79fUK2 (10 min)

MAPD Application Transfer – Password 3AqsZNbJ (29 min)


How to Find a Doctor/Drugs

https://shop.empireblue.com/medicare – In the upper right corner, choose Useful Tools

You can also order a paper directory in CustomPoint. Keep in mind they are updated at least once a month so online is always the most accurate


Changing to a Different (New) Plan

All plan changes require a new application.  There are a few ways to capture this:

  • Paper app (fax to Anthem or FMO within 24 hours)
  • mProducer online enrollment.  This tool is extremely easy to use and will give you an ID number within a day or so (depending on product). This is the quickest way to process applications. mProducer allows you to capture signatures a variety of ways.
    • Wet signature on file (you have a paper app that you upload (type) the info into system)
    • Signature pad (client signs with a mouse, finger, stylus or signature pad)
    • Transfer to customer (made much more user friendly)
    • Voice Signature (requires you to take a 60 min training.)
  • If your client calls into member services to change their plan, you should be held as broker of record.


AOR/BOR Letters

  • Anthem will still accept an AOR/BOR. It needs to be hand written by the member including their name, ID# or Medicare #, signature and date as well as your name and broker ID. Just a reminder of common curtesy, please ask the member if they are currently working with an agent and if the agent is servicing them before you ask them to sign a letter. Remember, we are all in this together!
    • Email to commissions (preferred): Senior_SalesComp@anthem.com. You will get confirmation of receipt and when processed.
    • Fax: 818-234-1358



Please visit the CustomPoint site at https://custompoint.rrd.com. You can find all of the sales kits and collateral items, such as hospital flyers and OTC catalogs, needed to deliver outstanding sales meetings with your clients. To access CustomPoint you will need:

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Account (wpss – all lowercase)

Please contact Medicare Agent Support at 800-633-4368 or medicareagentsupport@anthem.com if you need your User ID or a password reset.


OTC Catalogs

2021 Color OTC catalogs are available to order in CustomPoint.  Note: Existing members will not be getting a new OTC card. Please advise them to keep their old card.

More resources here:

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