Dual Special Needs Plan Benefits: Better Than Ever

Dual Special Needs Plan Benefits: Better Than Ever

Consumers who are eligible for Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNPs) – also known as Medicare/Medicaid-eligible – have the flexibility to join or change plans throughout the year, but as with other consumers, the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is a great time to evaluate options. This year, consider sharing UnitedHealthcare’s 2017 DSNP options that include improved benefits. Here are a few highlights of the 2017 plan in Arkansas:

  • Dental: $500 yearly, covering exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, extractions and more
  • Increased Over-the-counter Credits : Member-facing catalog and a $90 per quarter allowance on Dual Advantage; $35 per quarter for Silver RX
  • Transportation: 12 one-way rides for Dual Advantage for health care visits and prescription needs, and 24 trips for the Silver RX plan
  • Routine foot care:  Six visits at a $0 copay
  • Vision:  Eye exam for a $0 copay and $125 toward the purchase of lenses/frames and contacts
  • Wellness: $0 copay and members receive gift cards when wellness visits are completed
  • HouseCalls : In-home visit from a Nurse Practitioner or Physician, and members receive a gift card when a visit is completed
  • Hearing Aid: Discounts on hearing aid purchases

What DSNP options are available in Arkansas?

  • Care Improvement Plus (CIP) Dual Advantage (Regional PPO SNP; R3444-011)
  • CIP Silver RX (Regional PPO SNP; Medicaid plus either Congestive Heart Failure or Diabetes; R3444-008)

Thank you for making UnitedHealthcare your strong, stable health care coverage option for consumers this Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). We strive to provide a hassle-free experience for you! Contact your Agent Manager with questions or to learn more about UnitedHealthcare.


  • Producer Help Desk (PHD): 888-381-8581
  • Arkansas (statewide): Max Thomas, External Distribution Channel (EDC) Agent Manager, (417) 893-9358
  • Northwest Arkansas: Harold Langston, Independent Career Agent (ICA) Agent Manager, (479) 841-9983

Southeast Arkansas: Alan Raine, ICA Agent Manager, (601) 527-0579