Don’t Miss Out–Get Your Training Costs Covered by Cigna

Cigna Healthspring Certification Reimbursement

2018 Certification and Reimbursement


You only have one more week to be eligible for reimbursement of your 2018 certification training costs!  You’ll need to finish your 2018 certification training by September 15, 2017 to be eligible for reimbursement. Complete your Cigna-HealthSpring 2018 Medicare Advantage agent certification now so you are ready to sell on October 1st. 

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To be eligible for reimbursement you need to complete your 2018 certification by September 15, 2017 AND sell five (5) net January 1, 2018 effective applications, as outlined below: 

  • Complete AHIP Training and all Cigna-HealthSpring required courses to receive $125 reimbursement
  • Complete Gorman Health Group Training and all Cigna-HealthSpring required courses to receive $99 reimbursement
  • Complete Pinpoint Medicare Training and all Cigna-HealthSpring required courses to receive $89.95 reimbursement

Note: if you previously completed and uploaded AHIP’s 2018 training as part of your 2017 certification process, you will need to upload your 2018 AHIP certificate again to satisfy 2018 certification requirements.

If you are a returning Agent, you can complete certification training online.  New Agents must complete both online training and face-to-face (in-person) training to be certificated to sell Cigna-HealthSpring 2018 Medicare Advantage plans. If you have not completed your 2017 refresher training yet, completing this 2018 certification will certify you for both 2017 and 2018.  This means that in addition to writing 2018 business later this year, you will also be able to write 2017 business effective immediately!

For more information on the certification process, please click here to view the 2018 Certification Roadmap. We have also updated the Resource Library section of the Producers’ University site to make information faster and easier to find.  Resources and job aids are now organized by Pre-Sale, Sale, and Post-Sale, and you can also view market-specific resources via an interactive map.


2018 Contract and Attestation Requirements

Cigna-HealthSpring’s simplified attestation process allows Agents and Agencies to complete all required contractual updates and attestations as part of our annual agent certification curriculum.  Cigna-HealthSpring Agents and Agencies are required to complete the following contractual agreements and attestations:

  • Subordinate Agent Agreement (all downline Agents and Agencies)
  • Policies and Procedures (all Agents and Agencies)
  • Rules of Engagement* (all Agents and Agencies)
  • Social Media* (all Agents and Agencies)

*Note: Rules of Engagement and Social Media attestations are included in the Policies and Procedures attestation course.  The Social Media attestation is new for 2018.  This affirms you will adhere to section 100.5 Social Media of the Medicare Managed Care Manual and not use the Cigna-HealthSpring name/logo without written approval.  View the attestation online for complete details.

Agents cannot begin 2018 certification training until all contractual agreements and attestations are complete.  All Agents must complete re-contracting, attestation requirements, and certification by December 31, 2017 or he/she will forfeit renewal payments.

It’s important to note this also means all Agencies have been assigned the Subordinate Agent Agreement as well as relevant attestations.  Agencies must complete recontracting and attestation requirements by December 31, 2017, otherwise January 2018 payments will be withheld.  Agencies who fail to complete these requirements by March 31, 2018 will forfeit payments.

  • All Agents have been assigned these attestations as part of their training requirements for 2018
    • All agents are required to attest if you are licensed and appointed with Cigna-HealthSpring, regardless of whether or not you are actively selling
  • All Agencies have also been assigned these attestations
    • An agency representative (Compliance Officer, Compliance Contact, or Agency Principal) will need to log in with an agency admin login to attest on behalf of the agency
    • If the agency representative is also licensed and appointed with Cigna-HealthSpring, he/she will also need to log in with their personal credentials to attest as an agent