Cigna Partner Notes: AEP 2020 is coming soon — See what’s new from Cigna Medicare Advantage

The Countdown to AEP 2020 is on! Take a look at Cigna Medicare Advantage Products and Services.

October 1 — the date agents can start marketing Medicare Advantage products and services — is just a few weeks away. To help get ready to sell beginning October 15, here are a few things Cigna Medicare Advantage customers have to look forward to:

  • $0 premiums
  • $0 copays
  • Enhanced transportation benefit
  • For the first time — PPO plans may be available in addition to HMO plans
  • Simplified and improved Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

*Not all plan features are available in all markets. See the sales aids to find product information by market at Producer University (Click on the Resource Library, then select Sales -all markets.)

Coming Soon!

New online provider directory**

Say goodbye to printed directories and help customers have confidence in their choice of a health plan with:

  • Enhanced online search display that makes it easier to identify specialties, plans and networks
  • Simplified search tool for finding plans based on doctor, specialist, hospital, clinic or pharmacy, including the ability to search by name
  • Mapping capability to locate providers in customers’ geographic areas
  • Mobile-friendly display to look up customers’ providers while on the go

**Phase I will be rolled out on or about September 16, with Phase II to follow around October 1.

New reporting capabilities

Cigna is committed to giving agents everything needed to feel confident in selling Cigna Medicare Advantage health plans. That’s why Cigna be moving to a new reporting system that will make it easier for agents to view and manage their Cigna book of business so they can have easy access to this information when talking to customers and prospects. Over the next few weeks agents will learn more about the new reporting capabilities, so be sure to watch emails for additional information.

New marketing and branding materials to help agents sell more!

Our AEP 2020 campaign includes smart, feel good television commercials that will place Cigna top of mind for customers and prospects.

Stay tuned to future Cigna Partner Notes for details on our new online provider directory, reporting capabilities, and marketing materials! 

Tools and Resources for Cigna Medicare Advantage Brokers

AEP Kick-Off Events:

Cigna is holding kick off events to detail new products and offerings over the next few weeks! See what’s coming up in your area and register by visiting Producer University. (Click on Resource Library, then select Training Calendar.)

Still not certified? The deadline for reimbursement is approaching!

If agents are not yet certified to sell Cigna Medicare, there’s still time. And Cigna will reimburse for the certification fees too. But only if agents complete their certification by September 15, 2019 and sell just five net January 1, 2020 effective applications.

For full details, go to Producer University to view “Your Roadmap to 2020 Certification.”

Need help?

Forgot login credentials? No problem. Go to Producer University and follow the on-screen prompts to set up a new ID and password.

As always, if you need any assistance, please give us a call at 855-888-8326.

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