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Introducing MedicareValue Created Exclusively for Independent Agents The future of online enrollments is here! CareValue is proud to offer our proprietary technology for online enrollment of MA and PDP sales at no cost to you. With markets shifting to telephonic and electronic enrollments each year, it’s important to stay ahead ... Read More

2019 AHIP Recertification

AHIP 2019 is Open! And don’t forget – you only need to complete Parts 4 and 5 for recertification. CareValue is proud to be able to help support our agents that sell Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. That’s why our agents will be able to access AHIP’s 2019 Medicare ... Read More

AHIP: Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips for Health Professionals When it comes to the workplace, you may often find yourself balancing multiple responsibilities, projects, and deadlines. Learning how to juggle a heavy workload is critical for any professional, and especially important for careers in health care. Honing effective time management skills is crucial ... Read More

WellCare Agent Support, Contracting and Certifications

What you need to know about WellCare Agent Support, Contracting and Certifications As an agent with WellCare, you have different support systems that aid in your success. Local Market Support: District Sales Managers Sales Assistants, and Marketing Outreach Specialists are staffed throughout the markets we serve and are there to help ... Read More

Humana FastApp and MAPA Tools Training

Web-based Enrollment with FastApp With FastApp there is nothing to download and no extra requests to make. This workshop will demonstrate the online application process and how to complete an Individual Medicare Application. RSVP: Friday, 6/22 at 11 AM EST RSVP: Friday, 6/29 at 11 AM EST Electronic Enrollment Using ... Read More