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Molina Idaho FIDE-SNP Training

Brokers are able to sell the Molina Idaho FIDE-SNP in 2020. Starting in January 2020, agents who are contracted with Molina and Ready to Sell in Idaho will finally be able to sell Molina’s 2020 Medicare Complete Care (FIDE-SNP HMO). Agents interested in selling the Idaho Full Integrated Dual Eligible ... Read More

Molina Healthcare: IMPORTANT REMINDER – End of the Month Enrollments

Reminder: Deadline for February 1, 2019, effective enrollment submission is 02/01/2019 by Noon MST.  As we near the end of the month, please be reminded of the importance of submitting all Molina Medicare Enrollment Forms, immediately. The election period ends the last day of the month. CMS expects each new member to have access ... Read More