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1MM: Aetna Member eNewsletter

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Aetna Member eNewsletter In an effort to keep you informed on member initiatives please see attached Aetna Individual Medicare eNewsletter. In the eNewsletter members will find updates on COVID19, direct links to member programs and special benefits to help members stay comfortable during this difficult ... Read More

1MM: Tips for your Aetna clients on staying active

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Tips For Your Aetna Clients on Staying Active As we continue to support members through these uncertain times, we encourage you to share the enhanced features offered for members through the SilverSneakers® fitness program. Some of these features included LIVE and ON-DEMAND virtual exercise classes. Members ... Read More

1MM: Help your clients get connected with Resources For Living®

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Focusing on Connecting Members and Caregivers to Services and Resources in their Community Aetna MAPD members have access to the Resources For Living® program. This program can provide comfort to Aetna members especially during these unparalleled times. Resources For Living® is a program exclusively for Aetna Medicare members, ... Read More

1MM: Keeping you Informed About COVID-19

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Keeping You Informed about COVID-19, and Steps We’re Taking to Keep Members Safe. In an effort to keep you informed on updates in regards to COVID-19 and Aetna’s initiatives please see link to download broker newsletter below. It covers the following topics: Steps we’re taking ... Read More

1MM: NY SPAP EPIC and Aetna MPD Plans

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): How the New York Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Program could assist your Medicare clients. Did you know New York is 1 of 16 States offering a State Pharmaceutical Program which works with all Aetna MAPD plans? The Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program is a New York ... Read More

1MM: Broker Retention Tools – Aetna’s Plan Summary Worksheet

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Broker Retention Tools – Aetna’s Plan Summary Worksheet As Aetna continues to develop tools to support agent retention efforts, we wanted to remind you of Aetna’s Plan Summary Worksheet available to you. By utilizing the Plan Summary Worksheet, you can leave your clients with a ... Read More

1MM: Aetna’s Broker Retention Tools

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Aetna’s Broker Retention Tools As we move into the final month of OEP, use this playbook to successfully help your members understand, utilize and maximize their Aetna Medicare plan benefits to the fullest. View Playbook Questions? Contact us at 855-888-8326!  Don’t have a MedicareValue ... Read More

1MM: Aetna’s Personalized Benefits Video

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Aetna’s Personalized Benefits Video As Aetna’s continues efforts to assist members in their journey to whole health, we would like to share below the new personalized benefits video created to help Aetna MAPD members understand and use their plan benefits. Helping members understand their ... Read More