CareValue 2020 AEP – Get Ready to Sell Guide!

Begin pre-marketing October 1st, so that you’re ready to sell on October 15th!

STEP: 1 Complete 2020 AHIP | June 17th
We offer a $50 discount on AHIP, so be sure to use our link here to complete AHIP’s Medicare and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training.
STEP: 2 Get a Head Start on Contracting | June – July
The turnaround time for processing contracts increases as AEP approaches, so get a head start this year and get contracted early!
STEP: 3 Get Carrier Certified | July 2019
Visit each carrier’s broker portal to complete certification — or check out MARC for an all-in-one resource for certification dates/requirements.
STEP: 4 Order Supplies Early | July 2019
Even though CMS does not allow carriers to send sales materials prior to October 1st you can still get your orders in early after certification.
STEP: 5 Complete Product Trainings | Aug – Oct
Be prepared for AEP by knowing which plans you’ll offer by completing carrier specific product trainings and modules on their online portals.
STEP: 6 Expansion and Retention | Sept 2019
Get any leads in order before AEP — that way you don’t lose selling time!
STEP: 7 You’re Ready to Pre-market! | October 1st
You can begin to pre-market that way you’re ready to sell October 15th!

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