Amerigroup Arizona News For March

Arizona Agents: Here’s the Latest News from Amerigroup!

Coronavirus Update:  Amerigroup is waiving all out of pocket costs for testing relating to the virus, encouraging use of Nurse Hotline and 90 day prescription refills.  Also, members with internet access are encouraged to use LiveHealth Online, where they can get a virtual office visit online.  This eliminates the need to travel into their doctor office if they are concerned about exposure.  The website is located on their ID card.  888-548-3433 is the phone number.  They also have an app for smartphone use under LiveHealth Online Mobile in the app stores.  Also, Amerigroup’s CEO, Gail Boudreaux met with the President and VP at the White House (with other insurance CEOs) on March 10th.  Video and article are linked below.

Anthem Press Release:’s-affiliated-health-plans-waive-member-costs

White House Meeting with President Trump and VP Pence:

Tucson Medical Center (TMC) added to CareMore network:  This is a huge development for the CareMore network!  This means that all hospitals in Tucson except Banner are in-network for CareMore network members.  This contract does not include the TMC One Doctor group (although they are included in our separate P3 Health Partners network).  See below for an updated Network Comparison Cheat Sheet.

Other Amerigroup News:

CSNP Marketing Reimbursement:  Do not forget that Amerigroup will reimburse you up to $500 in Marketing Reimbursement once you get 5 CSNP plans approved! Remember that CSNPs can be enrolled at any time!

Anthem named one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies:  Anthem has once again been named to the annual World’s Most Admired Companies list by Fortune, moving up two spots to No. 3 on the list of healthcare companies as judged by business peers, executives, directors and analysts.

Legacy CareMore Business Commissions Reminder:  If you had CareMore business written prior to January 1, 2020, your commissions have been transferred over to the Anthem system as of January 1st.  You will no longer be getting emailed statements from CareMore.  In order to access your monthly statements, login to Producer Toolbox.  Please see below for the 2020 commission calendar so you can see when statements will be available and payment dates.

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