2021 AHIP: The Facts

AHIP 2019 is Coming!

Do I need to retake AHIP if I already passed last year?
Yes because plans and regulations change annually, so you must pass the test in order to sell in 2021. You’ll need to take all 5 modules this year. In addition, AHIP is part of many carriers certification requirements.

How much does AHIP cost?
$175  – however, if you purchase it through the CareValue site, you can save $50, learn more here!

How long do I have to complete AHIP?
You’ll be given two hours to answer 50 questions. That’s less than 2.5 minutes/question – feel free to time yourself while studying so that you’re on pace for the final exam.

Is this really an open-book test?
Yes it is – you can reference printed training modules or utilize your notes.

What score do I need to pass?
90% but the higher the score the better!

How much should I prepare?
It’s not just about passing – it’s about becoming an expert. Study and review the training modules until you are confident. If it is your first time, we’d recommend setting aside a minimum of one week to prepare.

How many attempts at the AHIP test do I get?
Three attempts to pass. If you fail all three times, you must re-purchase AHIP. However, please note, many carriers will not accept three failures in a given year and can prohibit you from selling their product during that plan year. In order to be proactive, we recommend that before you click “submit” for grading – right click anywhere onscreen with your mouse, download the exam to your desktop, and print for future reference. In the event you are not successful, we can review your exam and help you with the concepts that were missed before you begin another attempt.

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