AETNA Updates!

A few are asking for this information, I am resending the attachments.  Please be certain to read updates being communicated. Please review changes as well Aetna’s enhanced out-of network benefits. (which in many instances Aetna is lower when comparing competitor plans).


Please make sure you are reviewing the SOB/Sales kits as it list all in/out of network benefits on both Aetna MAPD PPO plans. We are confident that both our Premier and Elite PPO provide excellent value, coverage and service options for 2017.


Also, just learned that DOCFIND will be updated with accurate information overnight so  will be accurate by Thursday morning to reflect the network changes.


Aetna is working on the provider directory and hoping to have an updated version that will exclude RRHS as well their employed physicians available within 15 business days at the latest.