Aetna: New Contracting Process will begin July 1

Aetna Medicare Solutions

Update: New Contracting Process will Begin July 1

As you know, Aetna is transitioning to a new enhanced contracting process for MA/MAPD products. We’re extremely excited about the efficiencies this new process will bring (e.g., it’s going to exponentially shorten and simplify the entire contracting process). To help ensure a successful rollout, Aetna’s moving the start date for the new contracting process from June 17 to July 1. Please note, all other project dates have been adjusted accordingly.

Key Dates to Know
June 15: This is the last day to submit new contracts into nomoreforms. In addition, any submitted contracts that are “on hold” pending completion of certification (“pend for cert” status) will be rejected.*
June 16: This is the last day that top-of-hierarchy contacts can transfer a contract package to Aetna through nomoreforms.
June 17-30: You cannot submit any new contracts or make hierarchy changes (temporary blackout period). During this time, we will finish processing completed contracts submitted into nomoreforms by June 16. If needed, you can still submit demographic and banking updates through Producer World during this period.
July 1: The new contracting process goes live. On this date, uplines and recruiters can begin inviting new producers to contract with us through the new process. In addition, existing producers can begin making changes to their contract through the new tool.
July 10: Aetna’s 2020 producer certification process kicks off. Watch for more information coming soon!

We’re Here to Help
At CareValue we try to take care of all your contracting needs, but if you have any questions, please contact us at 855-888-8326

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