Aetna Medicare Producer Certification Begins July 11

Aetna 2019 Certification Begins July 11

Starting July 11, you can complete the 2019 annual certification process for Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD, PDP). It’s one of their annual requirements you must complete to sell their 2019 plans this Annual Election Period. Watch for more details about certification later this month via MARC.

Coming Soon: Enhancements to the Ascend Virtual Sales Office App

Later this month, the home screen will feature a new look that makes it easier and faster for you to get where you need to go, and reach the most frequently used tools. Once the enhancements are live you’ll be able to do the following with one click:
1. Send a Scope of Appointment
2. Give a sales presentation
3. Start enrolling a client
4. Email a quote/send an e-kit
5. Compare plans, estimate Rx costs and lookup doctors

Don’t Forget – Complete an Event Verification Form Before Sales Events

Don’t forget to fill out an event verification form when you hold a sales meeting or event about our Individual Medicare plans. The form helps protect you and Aetna if CMS decides to audit your event. It’s easy to complete. Just download the form from Producers World and print it out before your next event. Then, have the form signed by your event venue contact before your event starts. Lastly, keep the form on file.

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