UHC May 1 Effective Sales Contest

UHC May 1 Effective Sales Contest

If you make 17 May 1 effective sales (M&R and DSNP combined) in Upstate NY West, you will qualify for your choice of one of the following prizes.

Not sure where to start? Call your UHC Agent Manager or Broker Manager today for direction on how to get started with the Informal Marketing efforts that bring in the majority of our SEP sales. Good luck to all!

The contest prize options below are designed to be resources that allow you to make even more sales for the following month. Prizes should be collected/executed prior to the following month to boost your sales for that next month – which should lead you to another winning month and more sales commission in your pocket!! If you qualify, your Agent or Broker Manager will reach out in early May to help you order and pay for your choice of prizes.

  1. 1,000 Piece Mailer through Kramer Direct: You may choose from their available generic mail pieces and choose the zip codes you wish to mail.
  2. $250 Toward Lead/Sale Generating Marketing: pay for informal marketing space at a farmer’s market, fair, event, etc. – UHC toolkit ad with your name and phone in local newspaper – $ toward a compliant billboard ad – purchase mail lead lists or do a mailing through a mail company of your choice – other costs that would directly bring UHC sales your way.
  3. 150 Toward Brand Marketing: UHC branded promotional items or signage on JARVIS – UHC shirt/jacket – brand sponsorship for local events/membership costs for organization memberships – other items that can help you market the UHC brand.
  4. UHC Lead Station: see picture below (these will arrive in September and will be great lead generators for AEP and next SEP)
UHC Agent Sales Incentive - Win a Lead Gen Box

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