Aetna AEP Updates – Member Meetings


I wanted to provide you all with Aetna’s Member Meeting line up.  These will all be conducted October 10-14, by Aetna internal employees only. 

Members will be advised of the changes on our Premier PPO plan as well offer the Elite PPO plan as a new option.  Members will be directed back to their brokers if they would like to change plans.

Members can also call Member Services or Telesales to make a plan change.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you reach out now to your book of business and arrange to make the switch (if they feel it’s the right plan for them) instead of calling Aetna Telesales.

You will be kept as the Agent of Record if they make the switch. You will continue with your renewals, but it is not considered a new sale.

If they call TELESALES and do not specifically ask to retain you as their AOR, Telesales may make the switch themselves and you could possibly lose the client.

This should NOT be the case with MEMBER SERVICES. They will make the switch and retain you in the system.

Please be proactive with your client base and reach out to them now. It is the best way to explain the difference in the two plans, as well as help determine what action they should take