AETNA 2017 AEP Updates/reminders

AETNA 2017 AEP Updates/reminders

Please review the 2017 Star ratings, please be certain to print and add to your sales kit to reflect update.


A few friendly reminders for those of you who have asked these questions:


The enrollment kit list both plan offerings in the Greater Rochester area- Aetna Elite PPO plan/Aetna Premier PPO plan. When ordering your kits please be certain to order a few plan guides to use at appointments.


Please go through the enrollment kit thoroughly, when providing an enrollment form, you must provide the below materials, which are part of our enrollment kits:

  1. Star Ratings Information
  2. Summary of Benefits
  3. Multi-Language Insert

I have been asked where brokers can get a Scope of Appointment. It is the last page of the enrollment kit.


Seamless Multistate Network means “An Aetna Medicare member that resides in NY can use Doctors, Hospitals, Providers in any state that Aetna Medicare has a network of Doctors, Hospitals, Providers, and be covered the same way they are in NY with the same co-pay.

ALWAYS go to to look up providers and list PCP selection on applications.


Please review the Elite Plan FAQ, as I am still getting questions on the deductible.