1MM: Policy Update For Brokers!

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Great News! Policy Update For Brokers

Please make note of the recent policy update on calling member services on behalf of your clients. As many have expressed this request to Aetna in the past, this update will allow you to deliver a more seamless customer experience to your clients.

For your review below, we have included an excerpt from Aetna’s recent broker communication which outlines details as well as a link on how to make requests.

  • Brokers can now call member services to request certain types of changes and updates, on behalf of their clients who are Aetna members. For example, you can now call to inquire about a claim or billing issue, to change a mailing address, and more. Here’s how to make a request…

Lastly, tune in to the NY Medicare Broker Manager Blitz at 4 pm virtual newscast for additional leading topics. To register, go to AetnaMedicareAgentTraining.com  – Search for New York Broker Forum.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at 855-888-8326. Keep safe and healthy!

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October 15, 2020