1MM: Aetna’s Personalized Benefits Video

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Aetna’s Personalized Benefits Video

As Aetna’s continues efforts to assist members in their journey to whole health, we would like to share below the new personalized benefits video created to help Aetna MAPD members understand and use their plan benefits. Helping members understand their plan benefits is crucial in promoting plan utilization and member engagement – ultimately leading to healthy action steps. The personalized video is a great way to help answer member FAQs about their plan and help with retention efforts.

Friendly reminder: Please ensure member’s email address/phone number along with their Primary Care provider name/ID# are listed with every enrollment application. This will assist in continued efforts for a positive onboarding member experience, as well as assist in members’ care coordination efforts.

Encourage your Aetna MAPD members to log in and watch their personalized video today by visiting AetnaMedicare.com/YourVideo, or you can share this flyer.

The video is personalized at the plan contract level, so it delivers relevant content to each member. It covers topics including plan benefits, ways to save, resources, digital tools and more.

Questions? Contact us at 855-888-8326! 

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