1MM: 2021 MA/MAPD plan guides and formularies available to order now!

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): 2021 MA/MAPD plan guides and formularies available to order now!

2021 plan guides and formularies are available to order through the enrollment kit ordering site found on Producer World. Remember you must be deemed Ready to Sell to order marketing materials.

 What are plan guides? They’re market-specific, side-by-side comparisons of Aetna MA/MAPD plans. The plan guides will be labeled for each area (i.e. 2021 MCARE-PLAN GUIDE-NY09-GREATER-ROCHESTER) You can now download plan guides and formularies for your market on the enrollment kit ordering site. Or, you can order the guides and Aetna will mail them to you. 

How to order enrollment kits, plan guides and formularies?

If you’re ready to sell, follow these steps to access the new site.

  • Log in to Producer Wold
  • Under the “Plans” tab, click the “Quick Links” drop down menu
  • Select “Enrollment Kits”
  • Log in

When you log in, use your NPN for both your username and password.


Also, Tune in to our last NY Medicare Broker Manager Blitz of the season at 4pm virtual newscast for additional leading topics. To register, go to  AetnaMedicareAgentTraining.com   Search for New York Broker Forum.

Questions? Give us a shout at 855-888-8326.

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