1MM: Why Aetna?

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): 10 Reasons to Offer an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan this AEP

Keep in mind as an Aetna 2021 MAPD ready to sell agent all of these plans are available for you to offer to your clients. Here’s to another productive week!

  1. Freedom to travel: Rich Local and National Network- All HMO and PPO plans allow members to see an Aetna Medicare participating provider anywhere in the United States and pay in-network cost-sharing *Applies to all MA/MAPD plans excluding D-SNP
  2. $0 to low HMO/PPO premium optionsin Western NY, Greater Rochester, N Upstate Central NY. Among one of the NEW plans leading this AEP: The Aetna Medicare Credit plan (PPO) is a $0 premium plan that gives back up to $35 a month on Part B premium. Available in Hudson Valley, Capital Region, Syracuse/Binghamton, Greater Rochester and Greater Buffalo. Includes vision and hearing benefits, with dental OSB options
  3. Low PCP and Specialist copays
  4. Dental benefits either included or optional (i.e., available as a buy-up), on every plan
  5. Eyewear allowances available with most plans                    
  6. NEW hearing aid allowances ($2,500 hearing aid benefit through NationsHearing ($1,250 per ear, per year) available on most plans)
  7. $0 Diabetic supplies with exclusive vendor OneTouch® by LifeScan available on all plans
  8. Meal benefit members get FREE 14 home-delivered meals (over a 7-day period) after an inpatient hospital discharge
  9. Resources For Living℠ helps connect members to resources in their community such as senior housing, adult daycare, community resources and more!
  10. Free SilverSneakers ® fitness membership Members can get a free fitness membership at participating fitness facilities, as well as access to online videos and in-home resources to help members work out at home

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