1MM: Helping People Live Healthier Lives

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Why Aetna? Helping people live healthier lives…..

While many are now finalizing their 2021 plan selection the topic of ‘helping people live healthier lives’ could not be more relevant. As you assist your clients, keep in mind the below facts when presenting Aetna.

See below excerpt from last broker communication offering the following COVID-19 topics to assist members:

  • $0 COVID-19 testing
  • $0 copay in-network provider visits
  • $0 copay in-network specialists
  • Putting the ‘Me’ in Medicare: A printed guide to total health during COVID-19
  • AND a special message from Dorothy Hamill

As well note the below update message on agent virtual tool (ASCEND).



AEP news

COVID-19 update: We'll continue to offer extra benefits to help our MA/MAPD members stay protected

In addition to $0 COVID-19 testing, we'll continue to offer the following benefits at $0 until December 31, 2020:

  • Provider visits (in person or virtual) with an in-network primary care provider
  • Virtual visits with an in-network specialist
  • Acute inpatient hospital treatment of COVID-19


Update to the provider lookup functionality in the Ascend app


Earlier this week, we launched an update to the provider lookup tool in the Ascend Virtual Sales office app. To review a complete list of in-network providers, you’ll be directed to our online provider lookup tool. It's updated 6 days a week. So, you'll be able to search for in-network providers using the most up-to-date list. 


How to search for in-network providers in the Ascend app

  • In the Ascend app, during the enrollment process, you'll click on the Provider Lookup link.
  • Then, follow prompts to search for providers.
  • Locate the provider’s ID number under their name, copy and paste it into the enrollment form. It will no longer auto-populate. 
    • If it's not available, just input the provider's first and last name.
    • Remember, if you don't add a PCP for the member, we may assign one. 


Check out what's new: Attend a free Ascend app webinar

We're hosting 3 webinar trainings to review the new Ascend app features. During the events, you'll learn how to:


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