1MM: Tips for AEP from Aetna

This Week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Tips for Filling Out 2020 Enrollment Applications & How to Download and Print Provider Directories

Don’t forget, starting October 15, after helping your clients enroll in a plan, you’re required to submit their completed 2020 enrollment application to us within two calendar days after they sign it. Before you submit enrollments, make sure you:

  • Include your National Producer Number (NPN) — this is how we’ll link the enrollment to you for your commission
  • Verify your client is enrolled in Medicare A/B and that their Medicare number is accurate
  • Select the correct enrollment event (AEP, SEP, etc.)
  • Double check the fax number or address

Get additional tips for enrolling your clients. And remember, you may not accept, collect or take possession of a completed AEP enrollment application until October 15 (unless the beneficiary is entitled to another enrollment period).

Reminder: What’s New on the 2020 Enrollment Form
Aetna has updated the format of the 2020 Aetna MA/MAPD enrollment application to make it easier to navigate and complete. Preview what’s new on the 2020 enrollment application including:

  • NEW enrollment period page: Election periods are now grouped in three categories
  • The proposed effective date is now at the beginning of the application

How to Download and Print Provider Directories
When searching for in-network providers, whenever possible, you should use Aetna’s online provider lookup tool available at aetnamedicare.com/findprovider. It’s updated 6 days a week.

However, if you need a hard copy for meetings, you can download and print provider directory PDFs from Producer World. Just go to the Individual Medicare page and select the Product tab. In the Network tools drop-down, select “2020 provider directory PDFs, Aetna.” Then select the state, product and directory you want to view.

Please note that provider directory PDFs are updated on Producer World once a month.

Questions, contact us at 855-888-8326!

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