1MM: Aetna AEP2020 Certification Check-In

This week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): AEP2020 Certification Check-In

AHIP Certification

STEP 1: Successfully complete all training modules and exams to sell Aetna’s 2020 MAPD plans. Note that the 2020 certification process includes AHIP offered at a discounted price of $125, that is a savings of $50 off the AHIP retail price! Agents only get three attempts to pass the AHIP exam, so make sure to prepare/download the completed modules before starting the exam. 2020 producer certification site for Aetna MAPD products is now available, please refer to the following link >>>  www.aetnamedicareproducercertification.com.

STEP 2: Once the 2020 certifications are finalized, agents must attest to a market specific training. It’s highly recommend to select the “In-person local training…” option to complete this requirement. Note: agents will need to complete a market-specific training for all states where they plan to sell MAPD products. To sign up for an in-person training, go to www.aetnamedicareagenttraining.com

STEP 3: Once steps 1 and 2 are complete agents will receive a READY TO SELL email notice from Aetna Broker Services listing all the products/states you will be officially ready to sell in.

For agents NEW to Aetna, once you complete AHIP/Aetna 2020 certification (Step 1) we will meet to finalize contracting.

Questions, contact us at 855-888-8326!

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